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Outsourcing Process

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ACE MANPOWERS has experience in contractual manpower recruitment contracts, having won quite a few term contracts in the Private/Government sector via competitive bidding.

Framework & Key Information

  1. 1.Number of requirements to be sourced / transferred
  2. 2.Recruitment / Migration
  3. 3.Skill set of the Temporary Employees
  4. 4.Monthly Information Flow
  5. 5.Employee Life Cycle
  6. 6.Schedule – Time Frame for Sourcing / Migration
  7. 7.Contract commencement, Date of Joining of the associate
  8. 8.Contract Validity, One to three year with roll over renewal
  9. 9.Replacement Guarantee, Up to 30 days of associate joining
  10. 10.Contract Termination, 60 Days notice – Either Side
  11. 11.Associates reporting structure, Directly with the Primary employer
  12. 12.All other conditions will be as per our General Conditions of contract - this will be the document that succeeds the proposal based upon the acceptance of the commercial and other important terms and conditions.